Booking Intelligence for Local Businesses

#HATE Meaningless Waiting?

Vmind is your personal secretary app that allows you to manage events, bookings (reservations) and queue for merchants in an intelligent way.

From now on, wait less and delight more.

Your Personal Concierge

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No Miss No Wait

How much of our time has been wasted?
How many important events have we missed in the past?
With Vmind, you can manage your personal events, bookings, contacts with merchants all in one place. On the other hand, it serves as a gateway for you to discover, interact with, book and queue for your favorite merchants.
"Instant access to services" is our vision. With our application, there will be no more meaningless waiting and missed events.

Vmind calendar one schedule

One Schedule
Integrate with to-do lists, bookings and calendars together. Manage all events in one place.

Vmind calendar event hashtag

Event Hashtags
Add #hashtag in your event notes. Group them in an organized way and look for events in a hassle-free manner.

Vmind calendar 24-7 bookings

24-7 Bookings
Reserve restaurants, beauticians, dentists, tutors, etc. anywhere and anytime. Our intelligent scheduler will also check your availability to avoid event clashes.

Vmind calendar easy sharing

Easy Sharing
Send invitations based on mobile instead of email. Share events, merchant profiles with your friends with just one click.

Vmind calendar instant access

Instant Access
Get mobile tickets for popular merchants. Skip physical queues and avoid meaningless waiting.

Easy Manage of Booking & Queues

To a service provider, Vmind is a mobile-oriented scheduling and CRM tool to manage timeslots with just few clicks.
We support around-the-clock reservation, and therefore no more missed booking requests during non-office or peak hours. The calendar-alert and auto confirmation features greatly reduce no-shows and disturbance to customers.
Our smart-queuing system supports remote-ticketing and integrates with reservations to help fully utilize your timeslots while improving customer satisfaction.
Check out why our merchants reserve with us…

Vmind reservation fit for all

Fit for All
Our achitect is designed to support different service sectors, such as dining, beauticians, doctors, tutors etc. Fill all your service needs with one app.

Vmind reservation book anywhere anytime

Anywhere Anytime
Serve around-the-clock. No more missed bookings in peak or non-office hours. Dynamic quota management system to avoid over-taking.

Vmind reservation auto reminders

Auto Reminders
Calendar alerts and auto confirmation requests to remind customers for bookings. No disturbance from phone confirmation and less manpower.

Vmind reservation team messenger

Team Messenger
Instant response to customers. Reply as single account with traceability. Chat with customers for confirmation and follow-ups.

Vmind reservation priority pass

Priority Pass
The perfect tool for busy merchants. Reserved customers will get a priority pass post check-in. Simple layout to manage reserved and walk-in customers. No more empty seats from missed bookings.

Vmind with Us

Manage events, remind schedule, make reservations, skip physiclal queues...
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